Anti-slip Porcelain Stoneware Floors

More than 40 years’ experience in outdoor flooring

Rosa Gres manufactures one of the safest porcelain
stoneware anti-slip finishes on the market. It is
pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

How does the Rosa Gres anti-slip finish work?

Stepping on the wet paving produce
a suction and grip effect
that prevents slipping.

Anti-slip paving for Pools

For maximum safety when stepping on wet floors,
it is essential to apply an anti-slip finish to the
paving along the edges of the pool and
the surrounding areas. All Rosa Gres colors
are ideal for lining pools and are manufactured
with our comfortable anti-slip finish.

Stairs: combining safety and beauty

At Rosa Gres you will find different types of
steps, all done with our exclusive anti-slip finish.
Available in all colors and textures.

Tips for choosing an anti-slip floor

Where to place an anti-slip finish and why

We recommend installing anti-slip paving in all pools, terraces and stairs.
Rain, snow, frost, water from swimming pools or irrigation systems
can make the floors wet and present a slip hazard. The anti-slip finish
provides us with a safe surface for walking and protects us against possible falls.

Do I need to install anti-slip flooring in covered areas?

On covered terraces where the pavement is generally kept dry and
is not accessible with wet feet, you can use paving with a smooth finish.
Should any liquids or other slippery substances be spilled on the floor,
 they should be wiped up immediately to prevent slipping.

Trends: fully coordinated designs.
Combine smooth + anti-slip finishes
and create your very own style


The Rosa Gres anti-slip color range
for your home, your pool and your terrace