Industrial Kitchen

Specific solutions for industrial kitchens

The day-to-day of working in an industrial kitchen is full of challenges:

  1. Counting with the highest security to avoid falls.
  2. Maintaining a high level of hygiene and a healthy environment.
  3. Keeping the facilities in good condition despite the intense daily wear to which they are exposed.

Indugres, the industrial paving, and Biostop, the bactericidal ceramic, are the Rosa Gres solutions to help you improve the security and cleanliness of your industrial kitchen.

Exclusive anti-slips = maximum security

Not all staff workers that walk in and out of the kitchen use secure footwear. That is why it’s important that the level of anti-slip covers all options. Indugres and Biostop offer different degrees of anti-slip to adapt to the requirements of each area. In areas with high humidity, presence of water or risk of spillage, we recommend an anti-slip level R12. For the less demanding areas, using a level R10 or R9 will suffice. The Indugres and Biostop anti-slip finishes are easy to clean because they are developed in accordance with our own technology and are produced without abrasive components.

Continuous hygiene without the need for more effort

Indugres and Biostop present a null superficial absorption that stops dirt and liquid from penetrating the paving. This impermeability streamlines cleaning and helps diminish the time spent on it.

The Biostop solution is especially efficient in the kitchen. Its bactericidal action helps improve the level of cleanliness and strengthens the sanitary safety without having to carry out any additional effort.

How to design compact and cleaner spaces

Indugres and Biostop count with a broad range of finishing pieces that allow us to entirely cover the kitchen. By covering the highest amount of surface, corners are eliminated, thus making cleaning easier.

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This is the solution for saying Goodbye to rattling

The Indugres and Biostop paving can be placed with a minimum joint of 2mm. With this solution we attain a more uniform surface that avoids rattling when we push trolleys around.

High resistance = less defects + cleanliness

Indugres and Biostop offer paving with a high density and compaction. Thanks to this composition they count with a great resistance to the weight and impact of objects. As a result, work surfaces don’t deteriorate, pockets of dirt are avoided and overall cleanliness is achieved.