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    Industrial Paving

    How to improve the conditions of industrial spaces

    Indugres is the porcelain stoneware solution for industries designed by Rosa Gres. It helps solve 3 basic points that affect the majority of industrial facilities:

    1) Increases the level of security regarding falls and slips

    2) Presents an extreme resistance to wear, abrasion and impacts

    3) Improves hygiene without increasing effort and meeting the current hygienic-sanitary regulations.

    Maximum security: exclusive anti-slips

    The 4 degrees of Indugres anti-slip help design each space taking into account its functionality. This way, without varying the color of the paving, each area can be coated with its most appropriate degree of anti-slip depending on its level of humidity. This anti-slip precision is one of the keys to increasing the safety of the people who work in environments with risk of falling or slipping.

    Null superficial absorption for increased cleanliness

    The extreme density of Indugres avoids the penetration of liquids into the surface of the tile. With this practically NULL porosity, dirt doesn’t become attached to the paving. It is a good solution for minimizing stains and achieving more cleanliness with less effort.

    Simple maintenance with smooth anti-slip finish

    The level of anti-slip doesn’t affect how easy it is to clean, because Indugres is developed according to our own technology and is manufactured without abrasive components.

    Solutions for designing cleaner spaces

    Indugres offers a complete variety of special pieces that allows us to fully cover a space: semi-circular pieces, hygienic baseboards, channels, shower trays, steps. As a result, all corners are easily accessible and cleaning becomes much easier.

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    High density and compaction: high resistance

    Indugres is compacted at very high pressures, resulting in a resistance to bending above 45 N/mm2. In the photo above we can see the detail of an Indugres piece in which we can appreciate its FULL MASS composition. Indugres doesn’t deteriorate over time and it can withstand the weights of heavy loads, impacts and abrasion.

    Indubeige, one color and 2 thicknesses

    The color Indubeige is one of the most requested colors due to its neutral, clean and clear tone. Another value that distinguishes it is that it offers 2 different thicknesses. A solution that enables us to optimize each work area taking by into account the wear each one is exposed to while maintaining esthetic unity throughout the whole space.

    Precise dimensions for an optimal placement

    The dimensions of the Indugres pieces are exact and can be placed with a 2mm joint. With this minimal join we obtain a higher uniformity and avoid rattling. Furthermore, it accelerates the placement process, which also requires less epoxy material.

    Traditional placement or with a vibration system

    The design of the pieces allows us to choose between the traditional placement method and the vibration system. The traditional placement – two-handed and with a 2mm joint – doesn’t require the use of cross-pieces.

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    Where to place Indugres?

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