—1830— Joseph Sugrañes starts molding tiles. He is succeeded by his son Vicenç Sugrañes (in the photo).

—1935— With the advent of electricity came the installation of the first extruder for mechanically manufacturing bricks and tiles.

—1952— Rosa Cardona, after the death of her husband, Isidre Sugrañes, heads the company.

—1958— Founding of Cerámica Sugrañes S.A. The company’s first factory is erected in Cerdanyola.

—1973— Pioneers in the manufacture of extruded stoneware under the leadership of Ramón Sugrañes. Stoneware was an unknown product back then.

—1977— Further specialization in the field of exteriors, special pieces and pools. First projects exported to the rest of the world.

—1986— Creation of the Rosa Gres brand, in homage to Rosa Cardona for her entrepreneurial spirit.

—1998— Pioneers in the manufacture of extruded porcelain stoneware and the first series of porcelain stoneware for pools and industrial areas.

—2000— Launch of the Hierro collection, the first stainless natural stoneware.

—2003— All collections are now made of porcelain stoneware. Ramón Sugrañes alongside with wife Elisa and four children (Marcelino, Rosa, Marta and Montse).

—2004— Launch of the constructive system S9 for overflow pools.

—2009— Inauguration of the new factory in Vallmoll with state-of-the-art technology and two types of manufacturing: press and extrusion.

—2012— Incorporation of digital technology into the manufacturing process for all products.

—2015— Launch of the bactericidal ceramic Biostop. Honorable Mention in the BTA Innova Awards 2015.

— 2016— Launch of the new grids for overflow pools. Architizer A+AWARDS 2016.

— 2019— Eusa Awards 2019 for Best Private Outdoor Pool in Europa.