Porcelain Stoneware Channel Drain

The perfect Channel Drain for Terraces and Exteriors

Ideal channel system for outdoor floors
Achieves smooth and safe water drainage
Seamlessly integrates with paving of the same color

Why choose the Rosa Gres Porcelain Stoneware Channel Drain?

Safety and protection

The efficiency of the drainage system and the resistance of porcelain stoneware provide guaranteed protection for outdoor flooring and terraces.

Improved aesthetics

The channel drained is concealed by 121 CM porcelain tiles. Once installed, the channel blends in so well with the paving that it is barely noticeable.

High drainage capacity

The water is drained lengthways to prevent the accumulation of waste and to facilitate drainage.

Easy to clean

The design provides convenient access to the drainage channel for easy removal of leaves and debris during periodic cleaning.

Super resistant and anti-slip

Unibody design: The 121 CM channel pieces are compact, with no joints, glue or cuts. The 121 CM pieces are manufactured with the Rosa Gres anti-slip finish, which is one of the safest on the market.

Integral solution

It is a complete channel drainage system including all parts and accessories. Available in all Rosa Gres colors and compatible with all formats.

Improved design
The new support for the 121 CM piece increases stability
and improves drainage capacity through the sides of the piece.

The channel drain system with the 121 CM piece includes all components required for construction: Stoneware, Channel and pieces to create the Intersections and Corners.

Watch the STEP BY STEP installation video