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Porcelain Stoneware, flooring for terraces with charm

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Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware is ideal for decorating and protecting your terrace

Porcelain stoneware is beautiful and lasts a lifetime!

Terrace are the places where we come together, laugh and share moments.
They allow you to relax, unwind and reconnect. At Rosa Gres we want to help you choose the outdoor flooring that best suits your style, inspire you with design ideas and surprise you with some very practical solutions.

High-quality porcelain stoneware is one of the strongest, cleanest and most sustainable materials on the market

Why choose Rosa Gres Porcelain Stoneware for your terrace?

Highly resistant

Porcelain stoneware is not affected by solar radiation, changes in temperature, contact with water, ice or cold. It does not change color and does not break.

Extreme hygiene

It has almost zero porosity and therefore does not retain dirt. Porcelain stoneware is not susceptible to microbial growth. It is easy to keep clean with very little effort.

Decorative flooring

Rosa Gres flooring is available in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to create unique and personal designs for your terrace.

Porcelain stoneware imitation wood

The perfect solution for terraces with charm: the warmth of wood and the resistance of porcelain stoneware. Discover our wood textured colors: Alma and Stela.

Pieces for everything

Our special finishing pieces are a real design secret for creating 1OO% customized projects.

Porcelain stoneware is sustainable

Porcelain stoneware has such a high resistance that it has one of the longest life cycles of any material. This helps to reduce the consumption of energy resources.

Three secrets for choosing the porcelain stoneware color for your terrace


Observe the natural colors and textures of the landscape around you because they can provide the inspiration for your project.


When the design of the terrace, house and garden convey a single coordinated style, everything blends together beautifully.

Less is more

Choosing a single color for all outdoor floors is the best solution for visual integration, order and harmony.

Rosa Gres Anti-Slip Porcelain Flooring


Safety + comfort + easy clean

Tips for choosing anti-slip flooring for your terrace

Where is it essential to install anti-slip paving?

We recommend installing anti-slip paving on all outdoor terraces and stairs. Rain, snow, frost, water from swimming pools or irrigation systems can make the floors wet and present a slip hazard. The anti-slip finish provides a safe surface for walking and protects against possible falls.

Is it advisable to place anti-slip paving in covered areas?

On covered terraces where the pavement is generally kept dry and is not accessible with wet feet, paving with a smooth finish can be installed. Should any liquids or other slippery substances be spilled on the floor, they should be wiped up immediately to prevent slipping.

Choose a comfortable and easy-to-clean anti-slip finish

Rosa Gres anti-slip finishes are pleasant to the touch. Thanks to their unique design, they are easy to clean and maintain.

DECOR ideas with anti-slip finish and imitation wood

Do you love plants? Choose porcelain stoneware imitation wood with an anti-slip finish for your terrace.
It doesn’t spoil, isn’t slippery and looks as beautiful as this.

Suelo para terraza exterior de Gres Porcelánico

1OO% coordinated inside and outside
IN-OUT designs are the latest trend

Harmony is the soul of design


Suelo para Terraza Exterior en Acabado liso

Porcelain tiles with a smooth finish for indoor use

Suelos para terraza exterior antideslizantes

Porcelain tiles with an anti-slip finish for outdoor use

How to prevent water from flooding your terrace



Plan to build slopes to channel rainwater to the right places.

Discover our 121 CM porcelain stoneware channel drain
It’s a good idea!

The 121 CM channel drain ensures the smooth flow of water and does not get clogged with leaves or garden debris.

Extremely safe and attractive stairs
All Rosa Gres steps are made of porcelain and are anti-slip.

Peldaños de gres porcelánico - Suelo Terrazas Exteriores

DECOR ideas: designs with steps

Coordinación porcelánico - Peldaños de gres porcelánico - Suelo Terrazas Exteriores

Coordinated porcelain stoneware pool and terrace

The pool and terraces are connected by a beautiful staircase in Alma Honey. The walls have been finished with our I25 piece in Alma Honey. The sides have been tiled with Serena Ocra. For the floors we chose Alma Honey.

Espacio Chill Out - Suelos para Terrazas y Exteriores

Chill-out style on the terrace

The stairs have been combined with a bench for relaxing. The whole space, including floors, steps and platform, has been tiled in Iconic Dark.

Special pieces are the secret to creating unique and customized designs

DECOR ideas: designs with half-round pieces

Customized furniture

All the corners and edges of this garden furniture set have been finished with just two special pieces, the 183 and 115 half-round pieces.

4-tier planter and staircase

The staircase has a flush construction and has been built using the L98 Alma Pure step and matching corners. The fronts of the planter and the wall are finished in Pietro White.

Check list for the ideal terrace

Basic points for building and maintaining your terrace


Water collection

It is essential to create slopes to channel and drain water from rain, irrigation and cleaning.

Expansion joints

These joints protect the flooring by absorbing the tensions caused by the varying degrees of expansion of the construction materials.

Waterproofing is essential

This prevents rainwater infiltration and efflorescence on the joints. For
rooftop terraces, the highest level of waterproofing is required.


It is important to choose a quality grout material. There are two basic types: cementitious grout and epoxy grout.

Cleaning at the end of construction

The construction company must clean the floor to ensure an effective and complete removal of cement residues from the paving. Our recommended product is GRESNET.

Pieces for everything

Our special finishing pieces are a real design secret and allow you to create 1OO% customized projects.