Ethical Channel

The Rosa Gres Ethical Channel is open to anyone who wishes to communicate with our company to report any actions contrary to the law or the principles and values contained in our Code of Conduct. The communication will be treated as completely confidential and anonymous if expressly requested.

The function of the Ethical Channel is to encourage the transmission of messages related to any conduct that could constitute a breach of current legislation, our Code of Ethics or any of the company’s internal regulations.

Communications submitted through the Internal Channel must refer to actions or omissions that involve a breach of the legal or internal regulations in force, or any other that could be understood as an administrative infringement or a crime, that are known to be taking place in the course of the Company’s activity.

What CANNOT be reported through this channel:

  • Claims related to work issues (e.g., payroll, performance evaluation, schedules, etc.).
  • Interpersonal conflicts affecting only the complainant and the respondent (for example, due to a clash of personalities), unless such issues are related to any of the aspects regulated in this channel.
  • Product or service complaints filed by customers, which must be channeled through the Customer Service Department.
  • Incidents related to non-payment situations.
  • Rumors or allegations that are manifestly unfounded (without any basis or facts to support them).
  • Emergency situations requiring immediate management, such as a threat to life or property. In these cases, contact the emergency services.

The Rosa Gres Ethical Channel is managed by an external entity that protects the identity of the users and guarantees the confidentiality and neutrality of the entire management and communication process related to their complaint.