5 Spectacular pools made with porcelain stoneware in 2018

5 Spectacular pools made with porcelain stoneware in 2018
3 July, 2019 Corina de Castro

5 Spectacular pools made with porcelain stoneware in 2018

If you are looking for inspiration to design your pool, this post is bound to give you some ideas. If you love the world of architecture, then you’ll love these colors, designs and unique personalities.

For us, it’s a true pleasure to discover how architects and designer create wonderful works using our porcelain stoneware. With each project we appreciate all over again how the Rosa Gres solutions for pools help create unique designs. Look at the details: tanks covered with large-format tiles, deck-level pools with ceramic grids, integrated spa areas, stairs and terraces all in perfect harmony.

Thanks to its high resistance, cleanliness and easy maintenance, our porcelain stoneware is the perfect material for building pools. In this post you can admire its beauty. Get inspired by the creativity, solutions, pieces and colors of the water. We invite you to enjoy a refreshing journey through water and architecture: this is our selection of spectacular pools from 2018.


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Private pool, Tao Grey, Colombia

Awarded “Master of Design 2018” by Pools and Spa News

Design and construction:  Ambiente Azul


Private pool, Mistery White, Barcelona

Architect: Josep Aurell


Private pool, Serena Griggio & Serena Mix, France



Private pool, Serena Bianco, Barcelona

Design and construction: : Pool Jump


Villa Josipovi Dvori, Croatia by My Luxoria

Serena Ocra pool

Architect: Branka Petković



See in detail Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware shown on this post: