At Rosa Gres, we produce green energy!

At Rosa Gres, we produce green energy!
12 January, 2024 Corina de Castro

At Rosa Gres, we produce green energy! The new photovoltaic self-consumption system at our factory in Vallmoll is now in operation

Trees are true natural laboratories. Fact: 7,789 trees are able to neutralize the emission of 2,200 Tn CO2eq in one year.

Another fact: the 10,000 m2 of solar panels installed on the roof of our Vallmoll factory are equivalent to planting 7,789 trees. This makes us particularly happy.

The installation of the new roof is part of our action plan for environmental sustainability. We are gaining a lot by putting it into operation. But the most important thing is the knowledge that the new photovoltaic system will reduce our CO2 emissions by 2,200 metric tons CO2eq per year. This is a major step forward in our efforts to contribute to a better environment.

Cubierta energía verde Fábrica de Vallmoll

How we produce green energy

The new solar roof at Rosa Gres in Vallmoll is an installation for self-consumption: a genuine green energy factory.

The output of the new system is 2,000 kWp. This energy production covers 33% of the electrical needs of our factory.

Each year, the plant will produce 2,721,099 kWh of clean, green photovoltaic electricity.

Visually integrated design

The solar panels installed at Vallmoll consist of photovoltaic panels that have been flattened to minimize their visual impact. This is an important detail since the total surface area is 10,000 m2.

Cubierta energía verde Fábrica de Vallmoll


Investing in green energy is rewarding for what it represents on an environmental level. But it is also a commitment to innovation and development. For Rosa Gres, every kilowatt saved is an opportunity to continue innovating, researching and investing in our company and our products. With green energy, we all win.

Good energy flows

Ending one year and starting the next with the certainty that we have made the world a little better is good news. Green energy ignites passions and drives us to continue to believe that it is possible to step up and be an active part of the solution.  Thank you for being here.


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