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    Constructive Systems S9


    Is consists of a prefabricated Crown formed by waterproof concrete blocks. Each piece works as a channel and support for the ceramic. It is an ideal system for building overflow pools, be they public or private.

    See Overflow System S9

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    Improves the installation process, helps reduce time, manpower and resources.

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    Easy placement

    The S9 pieces have been designed to optimize their placement and reduce the creation of residues.

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    More efficient and resistant

    By perfecting the upper finish of the Gunite concrete wall, we lengthen the lifespan of the construction.

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    Better precision

    Eliminates the deficiencies produced by the formwork.

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    Perfect finish

    With the perfect water overflow you obtain more hygiene, less leaks and less need to use cleansing products.

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    Increased beauty

    The perimeter of the pool is more rectilinear and homogenous. Improving the visual esthetic increases the sense of wellness.

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    Rosa Gres special pieces

    S9 is completed by the multiple solutions provided by the Rosa Gres finishing pieces.

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    Sustainable covering

    It is prepared for placing high quality Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware on it and benefitting from sustainable values throughout its lifecycle.