Interiors and Stairs. Interior and Exterior Coordination

Indoor Porcelain Stoneware


Choosing the type of flooring is a key decision in interior design. The texture and color of the floor will define the ambiance of your home. We recommend that you go for a solution that suits your lifestyle. When you have a floor that is attractive, easy to clean and very hard-wearing, you feel a real sense of well-being in your home. Rosa Gres porcelain tiles are one of the best options available for floors. With two finishes, smooth and anti-slip, you can coordinate 100% of your indoor floors, outdoor terraces, garden and even your swimming pool.

Why choose Rosa Gres Porcelain Stoneware for your home?

Total coordination both inside and out

If you love harmony, read about our IN-OUT DESIGN idea. Create a 100% coordinated space with a single color and our finishes for interiors and exteriors.

More Comfort

Our Porcelain Stoneware is smooth and pleasant to the touch. It is not susceptible to microbial formation. It is the ideal floor for sharing life with pets.

High quality and more than 30 colors

Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware is very resistant, does not spoil, does not change color and does not break once installed. Discover our wide variety of designs and textures.

Porcelain stoneware imitation wood

Porcelain stoneware does not deteriorate and provides the warmth you are looking for in your home. Discover the classic shades of Alma and the beautiful aged style of Stela.

Perfect for kitchen and bathroom

In wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, porcelain stoneware is the best option without doubt; it is extremely hygienic and does not deteriorate when exposed to water or humidity.


Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware rarely stains and is very easy to clean. Read our tips on how to keep it sparkling clean.

Total coordination of interiors and exteriors
Design your home with added harmony

Harmonize indoor and outdoor floors to enhance your sense of well-being

What is an IN-OUT color?

An in-out color is the same shade manufactured in two different finishes:
smooth for interiors, anti-slip for exteriors and wet areas.

Visual harmony = personal style

The floor is the most important surface in the house. That’s why it clearly defines your style.
By choosing a single color and combining two finishes, you can lay the same flooring both indoors and outdoors to create a beautiful, 100% coordinated design.

What do I gain with in-out esthetics?


Total color coordination is a very effective design secret. It is not at all complicated to apply and creates a more personalized, orderly and harmonious environment.


Uniformity of color is magical because it creates a sense of spaciousness. Integrating your terrace and lounge with the same floor color will help you expand the horizon of your space.

Be inspired by this 100% coordinated IN-OUT DESIGN project







Do you like wood in the kitchen?

The advantages of porcelain imitation wood tiles

Cleanliness and cooking go hand in hand. Porcelain stoneware is one of the cleanest materials on the market. It has almost zero porosity and therefore does not retain dirt. It only takes water and little else to keep your ceramic wood floor spotless.

Kitchens with wood floors are truly delightful. And imitation wood porcelain stoneware is so clean, beautiful and smooth that you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your decision. Discover our Alma and Stela porcelain tiles with wood texture.

The cleanest, most comfortable and chic bathroom in the world

High quality Porcelain Stoneware is clean, sanitary and pleasant to the touch. There are beautiful designs and textures. It is the perfect material for tiling the bathrooms in your home with style.

Designer staircases with extra safety

All Rosa Gres steps are anti-slip and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Rosa Gres manufactures one of the safest anti-slip finishes available on the market. Choose maximum safety for your family.

Types of Rosa Gres steps

The finish of the compact step incorporates the corner. It is ideal for flush steps. We offer two sizes: 62 cm x 31 cm and 98 cm x 31 cm. It has an anti-slip finish and is available in all our colors. It is complemented with matching skirting boards.

The step is combined with a curved finishing piece for the corner. It is perfect for overhanging steps. We offer two sizes: 62 cm x 31 cm and 98 cm x 31 cm. It has an anti-slip finish and is available in all our colors. It is complemented with matching skirting boards.

Cleaning tips: show off a spectacular floor

What to do with your newly laid floor

It is essential to thoroughly clean the floor at the end of the work to effectively remove cement residues and other products.

Daily cleaning

The most important thing is to mop the floor with plenty of hot water after sweeping or vacuuming. A neutral detergent such as Fix-sabó can be used. It is advisable to change the water every 15 m2 to obtain the best results.

Stubborn stains

Treating stains properly and quickly will help to eliminate them. Find out the origin of the stain and consult our table of solutions for each stain type here.

Cleaning with hard water

If you do not have a water softener, it is best to remove water immediately so that no limescale deposits are left on the floor. It is essential to dry the floor thoroughly.

Be careful with aggressive products

We do not recommend the use of abrasive and corrosive products or solvents, such as hydrochloric acid, because they destroy the seal between the tiles.

Why you shouldn’t use polishes

Waxes and polishing products create a layer on top of dirt and makes it difficult to remove. They can also alter the anti-slip properties of the flooring.