Why choose porcelain stoneware for your pool?

Why choose porcelain stoneware for your pool?
6 October, 2016 Corina de Castro

Because it is the safest, most resistant and most hygienic material. And the best part: it offers a wide array of design options for you to personalize your pool. Keep on reading and discover all of its advantages, one by one:

Personal style

With more than 30 colors and textures, the Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware floors open the doors of your imagination: choose a minimalist or a neo-rural style; think Provencal or cosmopolitan, traditional, Mediterranean or urban… There are no limits; you decide, you choose.


Coordinated esthetic

Unifying the style of all your outdoor spaces is a great idea. The good news is that with our porcelain stoneware you can obtain a complete esthetic integration. Not only of the pool, but also of the whole area that surrounds it. If you do it, your space will become unique and unforgettable.

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It is the most resistant material

Porcelain stoneware doesn’t lose its properties and it is the best ally of water and humidity. It withstands the weather without altering its shape, losing its color or breaking. It is also resistant to cold, frost and drastic temperature changes. It is such a practical material that once it is in place you will only have to enjoy it.


It is very clean

Indeed, because it hardly stains, it requires minimum maintenance effort.


Anti-slip Floors = high level of safety

They are essential because they prevent falls, increasing your safety and that of your family. Our secret? The Rosa Gres anti-slips are available in all of our colors and are very easy to clean. The anti-slip properties don’t disappear over time.


It is sustainable

With such a long lifecycle, it minimizes the risks of harming the environment. Remember that.


It lasts a lifetime

And the most important part for you: with our porcelain stoneware your pool will always look at beautiful as it did on the first day.


Now, let your imagination loose. A pool is always a wonderful dream. Do you have yours yet?


Next week we will keep talking about pools. And we are still in time to improve or build it before summer comes to stay. So we will wait for you in 7 days with a refreshing and innovative subject: Latest trends in pool design. Let’s discover it together.


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