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New Weisbaden-Style Overflow System

New Weisbaden-Style Overflow System
24 October, 2019 Corina de Castro

New Weisbaden-Style Overflow System

Slim system: the most practical system for pools with limited deck space

Rosa Gres Slim system type Wiesbaden

The new Slim System is a slimline overflow system ideal for smaller spaces. Installation is simple thanks to S9, the construction system for deck-level pools exclusive to Rosa Gres. S9 consists in a pre-fabricated coping made out of water-repellent concrete blocks. The use of this system simplifies, improves and speeds up the construction of deck-level pools, whether public or private. Pools created with the S9 system present a perfect water overflow and a flawless finish.

The Slim System innovation is a practical and functional solution for deck-level pool projects with limited deck space. The design places the water level above that of the deck, creating an attractive mirror effect. The large format of the new Slim System edge piece, the J62, enhances the overall esthetics of the pool. Another advantage of the new Slim System is that it can be combined with the innovative Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware grids. It works with both the Compact grid and the Flex grid, both of which won design awards at the international Architizer Awards 2016.

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