Villas Josipovi & Ivanovi Dvori, Sradin, Croatia

Villas Josipovi & Ivanovi Dvori, Sradin, Croatia
23 May, 2018 Corina de Castro

Villas Josipovi & Ivanovi Dvori, Sradin, Croatia

A project by My Luxoria

Constructor: VBR 82

Supplied by: Aquachem d.o.o.

Architect: Branka Petković

Harmony, the secret of a perfect place in which to relax and switch off. Exactly what this holiday rental project in Croatia conveys. Harmony with its surroundings; constructive, chromatic.

To achieve this feeling of wellness, the architect Branka Petković used our color Serena Ocra. Its tones blend naturally with the Mediterranean backdrop. A suggestive color, Serena Mix, acts as counterpoint on the surfaces with more visual relevance.

The whole project is a delight. We love pointing out ingenious combinations of Rosa Gres solutions applied to floors, slopes, walls, terraces, stairs and pools.

The pools have a personal and daring design that successfully incorporate different edge systems. At the foot of the deck we see a deck level coping facing a more traditional skimmer. But the star of the show is the jacuzzi: built like an above ground pool with water overflowing the main tank. Three solutions for a single pool and a color that unifies the ensemble.

And finally, one of the elements we most appreciate discovering in every pool project: the water. Here it’s wonderful, attractive, crystal-clear, with an enticing emerald hue. All thanks to a Serena Ocra tank. Marvelous.