Hotel Lani’s Suites de Luxe: the complete remodeling of a hotel in Lanzarote

Hotel Lani’s Suites de Luxe: the complete remodeling of a hotel in Lanzarote
16 June, 2015 Laura Campillo



Hotel Lani’s Suites de Luxe


Lanzarote, Canary Islands


Mr. Kumar Dadlani


Complete remodeling of a Hotel to transform it into a Luxury Hotel


In an island such as Lanzarote, surrounded by ocean blue and volcanic black, betting on the whitest white has creative strength while also being a way of integrating into the island’s landscapist culture. This has been the common denominator of the project, which consisted in remodeling the old building entirely to turn it into a Luxury Hotel with 25 exclusive Suites.


As well as using white as the most prominent color, it was very important in the “Lani’s Suites” project to have specific special pieces for covering all the architectonic needs of the outdoor spaces: stairs, overflow pool, terrace and especially the joints between different constructive elements. Rosa Gres even created exclusively for this project two special piece formats with the color petra.


Mr. Kumar chose the color petra from our collection Proyecta. It is a very pure and luminous white. Our color petra is held in high regard because in ceramics it isn’t easy to obtain such a refined white. For the “Lani’s Suites” we have used more than 2,150 m2 of ceramics with the formats 60x60cm and 30x30cm, as well as mosaics, all with the color petra. We placed more than 2,000 steps and 6,000 special pieces. Especially noteworthy are the semi-circular pieces petra 187 and the outdoor semi-circular pieces petra 139, created exclusively for the “Lani’s Suites”.


The Hotel transmits a great freshness and elegance, as well as a relaxing atmosphere. The whole construction has been successfully refurbished with a plus of distinction and a modern chic style.



> High quality porcelain stoneware. It counts with an extreme resistance to the passage of time, climatic variations, humidity and water. The proyecta collection is also pure mass porcelain stoneware, highly adequate for public use projects with a high traffic.

> Sustainable ceramics. Proyecta was the first Spanish porcelain stoneware collection to obtain the “Cradle to Cradle” certificate. This certification is obtained after proving, through a series of strict analysis, that a product is sustainable throughout the entirety of all the phases of its life cycle, including its transformation at the end of a cycle to turn it into a new product. To learn more about our work philosophy based on the parameters of sustainable construction, visit our section zeroproject.

> Specific special pieces. In the “Lani’s Suites” project, we paid special attention to seeing to all details. For Mr. Kumar it was very important that the finishes be perfect. For that end, we created two semi-circular pieces exclusively for the “Lani’s Suites” using the color petra. The semi-circular pieces are very useful for avoiding right angle vertexes in corners and edges; thanks to them we can obtain a smoother, rounder and more comfortable result.

> Petra overflow pool. Rosa Gres is an expert brand in the creation of solutions and exclusive materials for the construction of pools. For the “Lani’s Suites” we have used the color petra to cover the beach, the edges and the bottom of the pool. The edges were made with the special piece for pools petra LS6 combined with the grid of the same petra color. For the bottom of the pool we chose the 60×60 petra base piece. By working with only one color we have achieved the visual and esthetic integration of all outdoor areas.

> Anti-slip bush-hammered finish. For the stairs, terraces and the edge and beach of the pools it is indispensable to use anti-slip paving as a safety and preventive precaution. The petra bush-hammered finish presents a texture with a light relief and a high level of anti-slip. Rosa Gres anti-slip products are pleasant to touch and very easy to clean.

> Perfectly integrated stairs. All the Suites of the “Lani’s Suites” are located above the pool and beach area. That way, they offer marvelous views of the ocean. The various stairways that lead up to them are comfortable and not very high. We have used more than 2,000 59.8×32.2-wide petra steps, with a bush-hammered finish on all the outdoor stairs of the “Lani’s Suites.”



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