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  • Aug102022
    Which outdoor flooring heats up the least in the sun?

    Which outdoor flooring heats up the least in the sun?

    How much does porcelain stoneware heat up? Athermic tiles, do they heat up at all? Which types of flooring heat up the least? Find the answer to all these questions.

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  • Nov062020
    Cómo limpiar el suelo de tu terraza de forma fácil

    How to clean your outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles easily and doubt-free

    Did you know that the Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware floors are not porous? It is worth highlighting because by not being porous they do not retain dirt and are easy to clean. These are our Keys to keeping your outdoor paving in perfect shape from day one.

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  • Sep122019
    Flex Grid on pools with straight lines

    Which grid should I choose for my deck-level pool? Compact or Flex?

    The Compact grid and the Flex grid offer unique features both on an esthetic and practical level. They are perfect finishing solutions both for private and public pools.

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  • Jul242019
    Borde y rejilla en gres porcelánico Pietro Golden - Rosa Gres

    What is the difference between porcelain stoneware and other types of stoneware?

    There are important differences between porcelain stoneware and other non-porcelain types of stoneware. This post will help you understand the difference.

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  • Jul112019
    Gres Porcelánico ecológico y sostenible de Rosa Gres

    Why Porcelain Stoneware is a highly sustainable material

    Beautiful and ecological products that benefit our wallets, our health and that of our planet.Nature is our source of inspiration. It suggests ideas, colors, textures…

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  • Jun202019
    Color del agua de la piscina de gres porcelánico Rosa Gres

    What color will my pool’s water be?

    At Rosa Gres we have added to the classic and famous “white edge – blue water” up to more than 40 colors that can be combined in many different ways. One would ask: So then… what color will the water be?

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  • Oct062016

    Why choose porcelain stoneware for your pool?

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