Pools of Arcachon, France

Pools of Arcachon, France
4 June, 2015 Laura Campillo




Arcachon, France


Atelier Arcos Architecture and Spie Batignolles Sud Ouest


Large sports center with various pools, spa, water areas and changing rooms. The facilities include a 312.5m2 sports pool with five lanes, a 150m2 leisure pool and a 30m2 children’s pool.


The strong points of this design are its integration with the landscape, the sustainable efficiency of the facilities, and its accessibility, together with its comfortable and contemporary style. The objective of the center is to offer a multigenerational and multi-access space to families that live in the area.


Atelier Arcos Achitectura put Rosa Gres in charge of the materials for the construction of the overflow systems and the coverings of all the pool’s surfaces, as well as the paving and coverings of the changing rooms, the reception and the hall.


The pools were built with the S9 Ergo© overflow system, patented by Rosa Gres.

For the sports pools, color mistery grey was chosen for the beaches, color white from aqua for the edges and the 24×49 aqua pieces, colored white and marine, for the bottom of the pool.

For the children’s pools, we used with 11.9x 24.4 aqua pieces colored white, violet and red.  

The changing rooms were made with mistery grey, combined with white, violet and red aqua pieces in the showers.

The hall and reception were paved with mistery blue stone.


A very pleasant sports space with a current, functional and efficient style; it is easy to maintain and is highly hygienic.



> S9 Ergo© overflow system. It consists in a prefabricated crown composed of various water-repellent concrete blocks. Thanks to the design of the S9 one single piece works both as a channel and as a support for the ceramic. The S9 considerably reduces the construction costs of the overflow and achieves a highly precise finish.

> Large format 24 x 49 aqua pieces. Their dimension is the key: they provide an innovative esthetic, afford 50% in grout costs, reduce the formation of bacteriae and speed up the placement process. In the Arcachon pools, we have combined a smooth finish with an anti-slip one to indicate the different depths. The same has been done for covering the walls to indicate the swimmers’ change of direction. For the lanes, we have used a marine color.

> Aqua 11.9 x 24.4 pieces. The large variety of colors of the pieces made it possible to create a lively and cheerful design in the area of the children’s pools. The combination of white with red, violet and yellow is noteworthy. We chose the 11.9 x 24.4 format because it provides a great flexibility in the construction of surfaces with curves.

> Mistery collection. The mistery pieces are made with exclusive Rosa Gres digital technology. Thanks to that its colors are highly beautiful and have a very marked naturalism. Its high resistance makes it ideal for water areas. In the beaches of the Arcachon pools, the 31 x 62cm mistery grey pieces have been combined with a mosaic of a different tone. With this creative resouce, Atelier Archos has created an accesible passage for people with impaired sight. In the changing rooms, the mistery grey anti-slip floor is coordinated with the aqua white, iron, violet and red of the walls and showers. To cover the footbath, an area with water and a slight slope, we chose the color iron pill of aqua due to its anti-slip properties. In the reception and hall, the floors are made of mistery blue stone with a smooth finish, helping to potentiate a sober and elegant style.



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