What color will my pool’s water be?

What color will my pool’s water be?
20 June, 2019 Corina de Castro

What color will my pool’s water be?

Color del agua de la piscina de gres porcelánico Rosa Gres

This is one of the questions we have heard most often from our clients. And it makes sense. At Rosa Gres we have transformed the world of pool design. We have added to the classic and famous “white edge – blue water” duo a wide range of colors and textures: different tones of white, beige, sand, earth, stone, slate, ochre, orange, brown, gray, and even black.

And so on up to more than 40 colors that can be combined in many different ways. It isn’t strange, then, that faced with all these options, one would ask: So then… what color will the water be?

Water always tends towards the color blue

 A glass of pure water is transparent. It has no smell, no taste, and no color. Or so it seems to the naked eye. But why does water look blue in pools or in the sea?

Water’s blue color is due to an effect known as Rayleigh scattering. We’ll explain it in simple summarized terms:

  • Water absorbs light’s long wavelengths (red, orange, yellow) more easily than its short ones (blue, violet).
  • The short wavelengths of light that aren’t absorbed (blue) are reflected off the surface, and thus our eyes perceive them. Hence water’s beautiful blue hues.
  • This effect increases with the amount of water. That is why in shallow waters, less than 50cm deep approximately, we don’t perceive it and water looks transparent.

So, thanks to Professor Rayleigh, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1904, we can forget about the myth that water is blue only because it reflects the sky as if it were a mirror.

What we will see right away is how the covering can help us slightly modify these nice blue hues we love so much. But first we must…

Change and combine the colors of your pool
to discover your favorite design

Observe how light transforms the color of the water

The colors of water, like those of light, change throughout the day. The same thing happens every season of the year and in different parts of the planet. The light of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the North all shine with different tones and intensities.  At night, light becomes essential again. But in this case it is artificial light and we can customize it. Betting on a good light design inside the pool is well worthwhile: the nocturnal spectacle of glowing water is truly impressive.


The covering: YOUR design is UNIQUE

It is at this point where you WILL be able to personalize your pool with your very own style. We will now show you how our colors work when combined with water in different places and moments.


Our Trésor Bali colour is inspired by the waters of the islands of Indonesia. If you want to create a scene as fascinating as this, Trésor Bali is for you.



Close your eyes and fly to the Caribbean in one second. If you choose light shades for the pool tank you will achieve maximum water transparency.



They’re perfect for projects with a Mediterranean style: imagine your pool surrounded by olive and pine trees bathed by the Sun’s golden rays.



They evoke the colours of the ocean and they fit in all kinds of projects, ranging from the urban and clean, to the charming, chic and Ibiza-ish projects.



Serena Mix is a colour with an exuberant design. Every piece is different from the rest and when combined with water, wow! Magic emerges.



Dark shades provide depth, intensity and an elegant sobriety of style.