Why Are Deck-Level Pools Safer For Children?

Why Are Deck-Level Pools Safer For Children?
1 October, 2019 Laura Campillo

Why are deck-level pools safer for children?

Deck-Level Pools are Safer For Children

Pool safety is a central issue for us. Whenever we’re faced with a new private swimming pool project, we emphasize the importance of getting advice and ensuring that an expert pool builder is in charge of designing it in accordance with the strictest safety regulations.

From our experience, and that of many owners, we know that deck-level pools are safer than traditional skimmer pools. In today’s post, Jordi Cantacorps, commercial director of Rosa Gres, explains how deck-level pools can help us improve children’s safety during bathing and play:

Improved visibility

In deck-level pools, the water level – and, therefore, the waterline – is at the same height as the pool deck. This makes it possible to see the entire surface of the swimming pool, with any bathers fully visible. No corner cut-offs or blind spots are created, and it is possible to maintain constant visual contact with children when they are in the water. This factor facilitates supervision by the person responsible for the safety of the children.

Exiting the water is easier

The advantage of having the waterline at the same level as the pool deck also improves visibility from the water. Because of this, once you’re submerged, it’s easier to see the edge and reach it in order to get out of the water.

Holding on to the edge is safer

The pieces of porcelain stoneware that finish off the coping of a deck-level swimming pool feature indentations known as grips. Thanks to these grooves, holding on to the edge is easier and it is safer to rest there

Maximum hygiene

In deck-level pools, the water is constantly replaced at very short intervals. Hygiene is one of the reasons why in hotels and sports clubs, all swimming pools are of the deck-level type. If we bear in mind that 1) children are fascinated with water and 2) are more vulnerable than adults, it’s clear why enhanced hygiene is an effective preventative healthcare measure.

We would also do well to bear in mind that:

Anti-slip floors are a non-negotiable essential

Preventing and minimizing any unexpected falls or slips into water by children is another important accident prevention measure. Anti-slip floors are the best option. All Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware colors have an anti-slip finish. It’s very easy to clean, and very pleasant to touch. It is essential that the edge and deck of the pool be anti-slip.

And as far as depth is concerned, just enough is enough.

Nowadays there is a tendency to build swimming pools with the same depth across the entire surface. Older facilities used to have a slope, and there were areas where you couldn’t touch the bottom. Today many pools are made with a height of 1.40 m. They are perfect for cooling down or swimming, and they increase bather safety.

Deck level pools safer for children - stoneware pool

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