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What color will my pool’s water be?

This is one of the questions we have heard most often from our clients. A glass of pure water is transparent. It has no smell, no taste, and no color. Or so it seems to the naked eye. But why does water look blue in pools or in the sea?



  • Rosa Gres Slim system type Wiesbaden

    New Weisbaden-Style Overflow System

    The new Slim System is a slimline overflow system ideal for small spaces. Its installation is simple thanks to the S9, the exclusive construction system for overflow pools by Rosa Gres.

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  • New Hidden Overflow System: The Smart System

    The new Smart System is specially designed for wellness and spa areas with bubbles and water jets that move lots of water around.

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  • Piscina de gres porcelánico #ilovemix

    Ilovemix, fall in love with the new trend by Rosa Gres

    Stela & Pietro collections are #ilovemix. Stela is wood: beautiful, suggestive, creative. Stela is the porcelain stoneware wood that doesn’t require maintenance, 4 colors that will forever remain in perfect state. Pietro is slate: 4 fresh, elegant, intense colors.

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    • A one piece solution for infinity pools - Pietro White Collection
    • A one piece solution for infinity pools in a single edge piece- Pietro White Collection

    New Solution for Infinity Pools by Rosa Gres

    The latest solution is a single edge piece that includes and covers the outer wall of an Infinity Pool’s waterway. This multipurpose piece can adapt to any Infinity Pool design. With the new “Infinity Solution” one can now coordinate the…

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  • New Trim Finishing Pieces

    New special pieces to improve the finish of the interior and exterior corners of the pool vessel increasing its safety and well-being.

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  • A Revamped System 10

    The renovated S10 construction system offers a complete prefabricated solution for the construction of swimming pools. Discover its advantages and its novelties.

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